First Time

Launching Mobile App for B2B Clients

For the first time, we are launching mobile app which can be given to all your customers with limited access. No more unnecessary phone calls and manual process. At a click, customers can review their purchase, outstanding and many more things.

Give Access to all your Customers

Now you can create a login access for all your customers. They can download the app and from anywhere can have access to their pending invoices, purchase trends from you and many more things.

How it Works

In your ERP, for every customer you must have entered email id or/and mobile number. That will be considered as login id for your customers. Their live data will be visible to them and there will be no manual process as the system will sync with Magenta App.

What are the Benefits

Time Saved

Customers can by themselves check their outstanding.


Customers can see the trends and patterns of their purchase from you.


No more manual process of checking stock and outstanding.

Single App

With upcoming features of orders and ledgers, all will be covered in 1 App.

Notifications and Follow-ups

With upcoming feature of automation of notification, the follow up will no more be a pain point.

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