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MagentaBi converts your ERP data into visual sales reports. Get an overview of sales KPIs and detailed sales insights based on one-click elements.

Set & Track Target

Set sales target for salespersons, brands, categories, segments, and territories. Track sales target vs sales achieved of any parameter at a click.

Identify Gaps

You will not only be able to see what you have not done but also what could have been done. Gaps in real-time with lead actionable data matters a lot.

Active Customers

You will get a list of Active, Inactive & Lost customers for every category which helps to increase sales within existing customers.

Trends & Patterns

You will get not only trends and patterns of sales but of every element of sales i.e. Salesperson, Category, Territory etc.

Interlinked Data

You will get interlinked data (eg Sales with payment cycle) to get insights that otherwise aren’t possible if we look at reports in silos.

Sales data analysis revenue report

Product Sales Reports

-Get visual product sales reports in one click filtered by brand name, customer name, regions, and more. 

-Ready-to-use dashboards by our BI platform allows you to look at any sales insights effortlessly.

-With MagentaBi sales reporting tool, eliminate data redundancy and human errors as you won’t be generating manual reports in Excel.

Territory Sales Report

-Map View helps you to look at territory performance at a glance.

You can drill down from the country to the Pincode of the city and get complete sales reports of any product.

-For any territory, you can see the list of Active, Inactive & Lost customers for every product.

Territory-wise sales insights
Sales MIS reports  for complete customers data visualization dashboard

Salesperson-wise Reports

Rights can be assigned to every salesperson based on his key responsibility areas.

Multiple profiles of a single salesperson can be done for ease of use.

-You can empower your sales team with actionable analytics from any device

You can enhance your business with our analytical sales insights.

Customer-wise Sales Reports

-Visualize clearly as to which customers give the maximum sales along with the profit.

-Get notified and reminded of the action items for every customer so you don’t miss any opportunity.

-Notes and Tasks help you keep information about every customer at your fingertips.

A complete sales data analysis will boost your business at a click.

Wait, there’s more..

Stop wasting time, effort, and resources in manually generating sales reports, which can be error-prone, when our BI-based tool, MagentaBi, takes only one click.

Integration with all the major ERPs Sales MIS reports


Integration with all the major ERPs including Tally, Busy, SAP, etc.

Bank Grade Security for your sales report

Bank Grade Security

MagentaBi offers 256 bit SSL encryption to all your data.

24*7 customer support

24*7 Support

Once done you will wish every company had their customer support like we provide to you.

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