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No more wasting your time on preparing and analyzing reports on excel sheets.
Just Perfect for Trading, Distribution, and Manufacturing businesses.
Insights across Sales, Profitability, Inventory and Payment.
Ready integration with ERPs like Tally, Busy, SAP B1, SQL based etc.
Dashboards Available on both Web and Mobile Apps.


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Ability of identifying gaps in SPIP [Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Payments]

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Tracking and Visibility of KPIs [Key Performance Indicators]

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Actionable insights on KRAs [Key Responsibility Areas]

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How MagentaBi Will Help You Grow?

MagentaBi offers Faster Reporting, Better Decision Making, Quicker Gap Recognition,
Accurate Forecasts, Higher control and Actionable Insights.

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Snap View

Macro and Micro view of the key performance indicators of your overall business through the Business intelligence platform.

Top all 5 view of all key variables.

Past performance, current situation and projection in summarized way.

Performace in each variable linked to othher variable at a click. For eg. Brand Wise-Sales Person Wise – Segment Wise interlinked charts.

Item View

Macro and Micro view of the key performance indicators of your overall business through the Business intelligence platform.

Material Movement Analysis of your Inventory.

Items which are not moving in last few days but high in stock.

Brand / Category ageing stock with their last sales details.

Map View

Bird’s eye view of Sales Performance on an interactive Map.

Performance in a Terittory level upto Pincode level

Unbilled, Inactive & Lost customers list of any product or a group.

Comparision of 2 time period of any territory or 2 territories at a click.

Other View

With a seperate comprehensive report on every variable of your business, it is impossible to loose focus from any aspect of your business.

But Not View

Filter list of customers who have purchased X item but not Y item. For Eg. Nuts but not Bolts, Printer but not Cartidges.

Payment View

Helping you keep track of all outstanding details with auto-reminder and scheduler. Product-wise outstanding along with payment due today can be seen at a click.

GP View

You can drill down to see details of all level of profitability along with Net Landing Cost (NLC) Management module.









Better Average Payment Collection
Increase in Sales
Better Stock Turn Around Days
Data Driven Decisions

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